February 20th 2019

A strategic meeting held by the management of Standard Life Organization

Standard life organization strategic reformation retreat held on the 21st of February 2019 at Azari Hotel Calabar.

The 1st annual standard life organization strategic reformation retreat was gear towards meeting the needs of the vulnerable in line with the Millennium Development Goal’s (MDG’s) which was chaired by Mr. Osaze Oyegue. CEO Standard Life Organization. Others dignitaries present are board chairman, Mr. Bankole, policymaker/regulatory agencies, key players in the financial sector and all SLO management personnel from different department were present at the meeting to averred on the UN sustainable Development Goals 1,2 and 3 targeted to be achieved on or before 2024.

Highlight Of The Retreat

  1. Poverty reduction
  2. Ensuring healthy lives and promotion of well being for all at all ages
  3. Participation in National and International days
  4. Achievement of food security, nutrition, and promotion of sustainable agriculture

The forum have seen the need for the targeted population to enjoy these itemized above, they came up with the following points


  • Ensuring healthy lives and promoting of wellbeing for all at all ages through partnership with relevant health NGO’s like Action Aids, Girls Power Initiative and many more.
  • Better family health through medical care
  • Providing basic health care for the vulnerable
  • Community health through access to free testing, treatment, and referrals
  • Promoting health seeking behavior among our client
  • Achievement of food security and sustainable agriculture through financial support for small scale farmers

National And International Holidays

The organization is set to launch out on the above activities days as part of social economic activities through Flash Mob in public places like market, motor park and other strategic places on a dramatic event.