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Type of Loans:

Midterm Loan

This loan is designed to meet the the capital need of an already existing client whose current capital has reduced due to his/her weekly repayment obligation.

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Regular Loan

This is designed for petty traders and micro business owners. This loan operates on a group(Union) methodology. Union are self-selected like minded..

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Medium Enterprise Development Loan

This loan is designed to meet the capital needs of Medium Scale Enterpreneurs who require more fund for business expansion and sustainability.

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Assest Loan

Asset loan is specifically designed for members who need loans for income generating property.

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Special Loan

This is specially designed to meet the capital needs of small and medium scale entrepreneurs....

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Interest Rebate Loan

This loan is designed for client whose loan history with SLO has been hitch free. which is given at....

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Golden Loan

This facility is meant to cater for the financial needs of some selected members who meet requisite cateria. This is specially...

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